The Dance Gallery Class Descriptions


Creative movement

Ages 3-5       

Class time 45 minutes

Creative movement uses music and play to teach dance basics. Children begin to learn about turning, jumping, traveling, stretching and distinguishing between left and right in an easy going fun class.

Beginner Combo      

Age 3-5      

Class time 45 minutes

This combination class is an introduction to dance where the students learn jazz and tap. They also learn some ballet basics. This class offers a little bit of everything for our beginning dancers.

Beginner Combo       

Age 6-7

Class time 1 hour

This is a combination class for students who are a little older. They study jazz and tap and some basic ballet. This class has everything to get an introduction to dance education.

Pre-ballet/Ballet I

Ages 5-6

Class time 45 minutes

This class is for Creative Movement graduates and Ages 5-6 who are beginning their ballet training. Students begin to learn ballet technique and terminology as well as working on movement basics. They will learn how to keep rhythm and how to count music. The class includes barre work, center work, and across the floor.

Ballet II through Advanced Ballet

Ages 7 and up

Class time 1 hour

These classes offer a full range of classical ballet technique including barre work, center work and across the floor. All classes teach the students the movement and terminology for each movement.


Ages 10 and up

Class time 30 minutes

At the age of 10 our Ballet students will be evaluated for possible placement in the Pointe program. If their body is ready for the challenge of learning to dance in pointe shoes they will be offered to join a class. These classes take place after their regular ballet technique class.


Ages vary

Students are taught the technique and terminology of using shoes as well as the floor as a percussion instrument. It will show students the importance of proper technique to form the varying rhythms of tap steps.


Ages vary

Jazz is classified by a broad range of dance styles all of which emphasize the execution of jazz isolations, rhythms and style performed to popular contemporary music and is used in many Broadway productions. This style requires flexibility, timing and musicality . It is not mandatory but students might also take a ballet class to develop the necessary technique to perform jazz properly.


Ages vary

Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques. Lyrical dance is expressive and focused on conveying musicality and emotion through movement. It is the use of movement to interpret the words of a song. Ballet class is highly recommended in order to take a lyrical class.


Ages vary

Modern dance is a form developed in the 20th century which shreds the rigid control surrounding classical ballet, costumes and shoes for a more relaxed, free style of dance. It has a deliberate use of gravity in itʼs development which often has the dancer utilizing movements to the floor.


Ages vary

Contemporary dance is a compilation of different styles including lyrical, classical ballet and modern dance technique.


Ages 6 and up

This class offers up-to-date hip-hop technique taught in an age appropriate and fun was for beginners to adults.


Ages vary

Our program begins with tiny tumblers and graduates to advanced students performing handsprings, back tucks and so much more.

Modeling Technique       

Ages vary

We offer training in basic runway modeling for the various competitions attended by our studio’s competition team.

Competition Classes       

Ages vary

The Dance Gallery has an award winning competition team. Interested students should inquire at the front desk. Potential students must be evaluated for placement in a class.

Mommy & Me       

Ages 18 months-3 years       

Class time 1 hour

Enjoy some quality time with your little ones! Mommy & Me is fun filled class that allows students and parents to interact in a playful environment. Through stretching and movement exercises, children will improve their gross motor skills and musicality. The teacher will keep the music and curriculum moving, while parents take and an active role in encouraging, supporting and keeping the little dancer on track. This class can be for Daddies and Nannies too!